Divorcing and in Quarantine? Here’s What Couples Can Still Do

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As the number of coronavirus cases in New Mexico rises, the state is now under stay-at-home orders. Many businesses have already shut down, and most employees may already be working at home. These changes can have a significant impact on some groups of people, such as couples on the process of divorce. What can they do during this period?

1. Couples Can Still Go Through the Divorce

Thanks to online tools for web conferencing, emails, and instant messaging, couples don’t need to postpone the process. They can still communicate with their Albuquerque divorce attorneys anytime.

As of March 15, 2020, courts have remained open in the state since they are essential services. However, all parties need to remember that the situation may change overnight.

Not all courts may accept new applications, including those of divorce, until further notice. Nevertheless, couples may sort it out with their lawyers, who can guide them during these uncertain times.

2. They Can Also Begin Discussing Important Aspects of Divorce

As time seems to be at a standstill, now is ideal for couples to sit down (perhaps even virtually) and talk about essential topics. These include the division of assets, custody of children, and alimony or spousal support.

They can take some time to research and assess their needs and wants as individuals and as a couple. This way, they can get their divorce into full speed as soon as everything goes back to normal.

Couples can do this process by themselves, or they can get their Albuquerque divorce attorneys onboard.

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3. Couples Can Take Some Time to Rest

Divorce is one of the most stressful times. It can affect physical, mental, and even spiritual health. As there’s no need to rush anymore in the coming weeks, couples can take a breather or a pause and give themselves a chance to heal better.

During this period, couples may engage in the following activities:

  • Explore new hobbies or take courses
  • Spend more time enjoying a hot bath
  • Decorate the room
  • Declutter the house
  • Pray or meditate
  • Begin eating healthy again
  • Exercise or garden
  • Reach out to friends and family members they may have missed

4. They Can Also Spend More Time with the Children

Divorce is hard for the children as it is for the parents. For divorcing couples living together, the quarantine may be an excellent time to give these kids some sense of normalcy before things change. It may be especially helpful if one of the parents has to live in another county or state.

It may also be an ideal period for parents to help the children realize that divorce doesn’t spell the end of being a family. They can still grow up assured that their parents will always be there to support and look after their welfare.

5. Couples Can Begin Looking for a New Home or a Job

Usually, after a divorce, one of the pair may decide to live outside the area or look for a job elsewhere. Fortunately, they can hunt for a new house or work without violating the stay-at-home orders.

Many listings online now include a comprehensive gallery of the house’s exteriors and interiors. Others may even have a virtual tour. There are still many agents and staff agencies that are working, albeit remotely.

The coronavirus pandemic is a tough challenge everyone has to face. For divorcing couples, though, it doesn’t mean it’s not manageable, especially when they have the right help and tools available.

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