First Aid Training: Is Your Staff Trained?


When you’re running a business, there are things you can’t afford to ignore. Taking your employees’ safety for granted is one of them. Failure to ensure their safety can put you at risk of getting in trouble even if no one is injured just yet. Aside from the legal risks, you also want to ensure their safety for the sake of your business. This is why investing in your staff safety should always be a priority.

There are many things an employer can do to boost the safety of employees and the workplace. This includes providing the right tools and personal protective equipment, improving the safety of the workplace, and providing adequate training. When employees are fully aware of the risks involved in their job, have the necessary resources, and have enough training, it will be easier for them to keep themselves and others safe.

But one type of training not all employers prioritize is basic first aid training. Not all countries and states mandate employers to ensure their staff are trained with basic first aid knowledge. But just because you are not legally required to invest in such training already meant you should skip this.

Why Basic First Aid Knowledge Makes Sense for Your Business

Some workplaces are more dangerous than others. Your staff maybe not be working in a construction or mining site. But remember that dangerous incidents can happen to anyone at any time.

There are emergencies common to certain businesses. But even if all your staff is working in an office, there can be incidents that can lead to someone getting hurt. If your employees have basic first aid training, they can help colleagues and even customers who require first aid as needed.

The right knowledge can make a big difference in helping someone injured or requires immediate help. Your employees may not be medical or healthcare personnel. But knowing what to do or how to handle basic medical emergencies will always come in handy in the future.

Some of your employees may not be keen on spending time learning basic first aid knowledge. But such training is one thing they can apply in or out of work. They can use this in case they get into an accident on their way home, if a loved one suddenly has a medical emergency, or even help a stranger who could really use their help.

Let’s say one of your employees got into a motorcycle accident while running errands for work. It is not enough that they know their rights in case the other driver is at fault and that they can file a case with the help of a lawyer specializing in motorcycle injury. If they are already trained, they can apply what they learned and help themselves or others who got hurt while the paramedics arrive.

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Possible Consequences of Taking First Aid Training for Granted

If your employees encounter an incident where basic first aid is necessary, and they are not trained to do this, they won’t be as confident to provide care. They will doubt what they know and will be sloppy in applying first aid. They can only do as much with the right basic first aid knowledge and skill.

There are also times when an untrained individual attempting first aid will only make matters worse. Knowing what to do is different from knowing how to do first aid the right way. With the right training, you will know what to do, how to do it, and when is the right time to act.

When faced with a tricky situation, the usual response is to panic. But when your employees know they have the right training, they will know what to do. This makes it easier for them to keep calm, ask the right questions, and assess the situation before making a move.

Another consequence of not providing first aid training to your employees is them putting others and their own safety for granted. Basic first aid knowledge encourages a sense of wellness and safety. This is since they will know what to do to keep the situation from getting worse.

Trained employees can help people in need with the right care at the right time. They can help themselves, their loved ones, and other people in need. This is one great way of proving your employees the gift of knowledge that they can apply virtually anywhere.

Basic first aid knowledge will always be a great investment for your employees and your business. This helps promote a safer and healthier environment. It helps promote confidence among your employees in providing basic first aid to people in need. With trained employees, you will have that peace of mind knowing your staff can take care of themselves in case of an emergency.

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