Five Full-Time Jobs for High School Graduates

After graduating from high school, one has the choice to pursue college or start working. However, in recent years, there is a growing pressure for high school students to opt for a college degree to get a good job. Hence, people who cannot go to colleges and universities are struggling to find ways to make a living.

It is a sad fact of life, but high-paying jobs usually require a college degree. Nevertheless, there are still job opportunities for high school graduates and college undergraduates that have decent pay. Here are some of them.

Transportation, Storage and Distribution Personnel

Drivers and factory workers are some of the positions usually involved in transportation, storage and distribution. These positions do not require a college degree. However, licenses and additional training might be a requirement.

This is one industry you can freely venture into if you have no collegiate background. Usually, this industry has local truck driving jobs and cargo facilitating postings. And luckily, there are always vacant positions you can apply for.

Community Health Service Provider

Another position you can apply for that does not demand a college degree is being a community health worker. Although community health service providers are not picky when it comes to hiring, it is advisable to undergo training and opt for a certificate or associate degree related to wellness and health to find better job opportunities within the industry.

Food-Related Service Crew

Businesses and companies relating to the food industry are always looking for trainable applicants who can work in the kitchen. While you cannot really hope that you will be thrown in a comfortable position on the first day, there is room for growth and promotion since experience is a factor that they acknowledge deeply. Starting from the bottom, you can opt to learn and earn stars that can push you all the way to become a chef.

Flight Personnel

flight crew

With the increasing demand for service providers, airline companies now also open their flight cabin crew positions even to people who did not attend college. However, applicants will have to go through training to orient them of the responsibilities of a flight attendant. This is among the career opportunities that offer good compensation for individuals who do not have a college degree.

Real Estate Broker

Another career you can opt for without a college degree is within the real estate industry. Being a real estate broker only requires you to pass the written exam and complete the hours required for training and orientation. In addition to this, real estate agencies offer generous compensation, given that you do a good job in selling properties and houses.

Although it is a fact that higher education equals a higher salary, there is a myriad of career opportunities that you can apply for as a high school graduate. The important thing is to work hard and not to lose hope. There will always be room for growth that, ultimately, will open doors to better opportunities. All it takes is to be patient and to persevere.

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