Improving Your Office Hygiene For Healthier Employees

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People spend a significant amount of their lives at work. Many of them get sick because of workplace contacts. In the interest of keeping your workers healthy, you should take steps to improve the hygiene of your workplace.   Here are some suggestions for what you can do.

Proper Employee Training

It always comes back to your employees. No matter what effort you put into cleaning up your office, if your people are making a mess, then it is useless. For maximum hygiene improvement, you need to train your employees to keep your office clean. For example, having your workers clean up after themselves can be a big help to your cleanliness efforts. Besides that, knowing what to do when they are sick can greatly reduce the infection rate among your employees.

One of the more important things they need to learn is proper handwashing procedures. Many people only get their hands wet. For a proper hand wash, they need to have their hands under flowing water for at least 20 seconds, with the appropriate hand motions. Clean hands can be a big help in keeping things hygienic.

Provide The Right Tools

Water and soap are pretty basic tools in keeping things clean. But if you want better hygiene, then you should have hand sanitizers and more available to your team. Having a hand sanitizer station at reception ensures that people can disinfect themselves. Additionally, you might want to get some antibacterial wipes and more for your office so that when employees clean their desks, they can do it thoroughly.

Have Diligent Cleaning Staff

With all of your people being careful about cleanliness, you should also put in some effort into cleaning the work environment. People touch various surfaces all the time in the office. Your cleaning staff should be focusing their efforts on ensuring those surfaces are always clean. These include door handles, light switches, phones, and more.

A very important place that needs cleaning would be your kitchen/pantry since your employees will be preparing and eating their food there. Have your staff drop by every hour to ensure that everything is in good condition.

Hire Professionals

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You might have cleaning staff already but there are some situations where you need an expert to help. For example, carpets are notorious for having stubborn dirt deposits on them. The fibers are good at absorbing a variety of substances which can be very bad for your employees.

If you don’t want a germ-infested mess in your offices, then you should contact local commercial carpet cleaning companies to pick your carpets up for some major cleaning. Do it at least once a year to ensure that your carpets are in a hygienic state. There are other areas in your office that might need professional attention so keep those in mind, too.

A dirty workplace can be a major source of disease. Don’t put your employees in danger because of your negligence. Implement smart hygiene procedures in your workplace to ensure that your staff can stay healthy for a long time. Reducing workplace disruptions from sick employees can be worth the effort and expense of doing all of these changes.

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