Ridiculous (and Somewhat Hilarious) Things People Did During This Lockdown

people wearing face mask

The world is a funny place filled with funny people. Despite the current global pandemic we’re faced with, people have turned to humor to help get them by.

We have compiled some of the funny antics and shenanigans we found online to cheer you up.

12 of the Some of the Funniest and Most Ridiculous Things Found Online While the World is on Lockdown

1. Dad jokes abound.

While dad jokes may seem corny and cheesy, we all love a great and well-timed dad joke like this dad who’s seems to have found a way to get rid of the virus.

2. Memefest 2020

Memes have been around for a few years now and, for the most part, they bring us a few good chuckles as they attack different subject matters. Even the coronavirus and COVID-19 aren’t safe from them.

3. Polar bear on the loose

What do you do if you need to go out but don’t have a mask and a suit? Why, you get your handy-dandy polar bear inflatable suit on and strut your stuff, of course!

4. Road mishap during lockdown

Even the best auto accident attorney in Salt Lake City will be scratching his head trying to figure out how this happened with only two vehicles on the road.

5. Teletubbies in the E.R.

A Filipino nurse designer came up with these ingenious hazmat suit designs to help lighten the mood at the hospital.

6. The stuff cartoons are made of

So you think you’ve seen it all? We doubt it. Bet you haven’t seen a guy like this man from the UK dressed up as a bush trying to sneak out of the house? No? We thought so.

7. An emoji-onal church service

An Italian priest was live-streaming a mass only to find out too late that the emoji filters were turned on on his mobile device. One moment he’s Robo-Priest, the next he’s part of the Blues Brothers.

8. Not that kind of animal

While there’s a certain allowance given in Spain to walk their pets outdoors, we believe a T-Rex is not part of the deal.

9. Talk about maintaining a safe distance

people with face mask

A man was spotted at a grocery in a tracksuit with a note on his back reminding folks to keep their distance. It could prove to be an effective tactic.

10. Knights on a quest for the holy grail

A couple of folks were seen at a grocery decked up in full medieval armor on a quest for the holiest of all holy grails — the toilet paper.

11. They meant live pets…

We understand cabin fever is very real at this time and anyone would want to step out to get a breath of fresh air but walking a toy dog out just won’t cut it.

12. No mask? No problem!

This lady found a solution to not having a mask by using feminine products as alternatives. Who knew they were multi-purpose?

Laughter is still the best coping mechanism we have as people. This does not mean we’re trying to downplay the dreaded disease. We all could use a little fun and laughter to help brighten our dark days.

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