Scenarios When Your Small Business May Need the Help of a Lawyer

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Most people think that they will never need the aid of a lawyer but everyone, including small businesses, may have to hire one at some point. There are plenty of things that a lawyer can do for you aside from representing you in court. Here are a few:

Review Contracts

Contracts are binding documents that, if not followed, may cause serious legal troubles. This is where a lawyer will come in handy. In Denver, a business lawyer will be able to review a contract before you sign it to make sure that the terms are clear. This prevents the other party — an investor, a business partner, an investor, or other people involved — will not be able to sue you in court.

Throughout your career as a business owner, you will find that you will encounter and will have to sign a number of contracts. Your lawyer will always be by your side to give you educated advice before you enter an agreement.

Obtain Permits, Licenses, etc.

Most places in the United States and around the world have local requirements that businesses operating in the area, no matter how big or small, must comply with. Your lawyer can guide you as you wade through the often complicated processes and make sure that you are following ordinances.

You may need the help of a lawyer especially if you are opening your business in an area that you are not entirely familiar with. Your lawyer will know all relevant local laws and requirements.

Filing Taxes

Different types of businesses have different advantages and disadvantages when it comes to paying taxes. Your lawyer can tell you which applies to you.

Having a lawyer will prevent you from making mistakes that will result in an audit by the Internal Revenue Services (IRS). When you do get audited, you may need legal representation to defend you.

Contractor Disputes

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This is another reason why you should have a lawyer on-call. If your business has to enter contracts with third-party services and suppliers, you need the expertise of a lawyer to assure that the agreement is mutually beneficial. In case you are unhappy with the contractor or supplier, that is a dispute.

You can talk to a contractor or supplier if you think that they are not doing the job. However, if they continue to violate the terms of the agreement, then you may contact your lawyer and maybe take them to court.

Employee Problems

You trust that the employees you hire have your business’ best interest at heart. However, people with bad intentions can sometimes slip through without your knowledge. Like contractors, employees also enter an agreement with your business that is why, when they do something that they should not, you can call a lawyer and go to court. For example, if theft is involved and a lot of money has been stolen or intellectual property has been infringed, you need a lawyer to take legal action.

Customer Complaints

The customer is not always right. When a customer is so unhappy with the transaction that they have started threatening you with a lawsuit, a lawyer will tell you how to respond.

A lawyer is only one of the many professionals that you will have to consult with as your business grows in the coming years. It is best to find one that you trust before you encounter any problem in the future.

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