Bottling Basics for Burgeoning Businesses


Breweries, juice pubs, or any other business dealing with consumable liquids require simple bottling systems. Giving your product the right packaging is a mark of a serious business and is necessary to access significant distribution hubs. Fortunately, the process of bottling is easy as long as you have the necessary space, equipment, and supplies.

Storage Space

Before you even start bottling, make sure you have enough storage space to hold your goods. Choose a location that allows easy access from your production line and towards your distribution options. You might be handling large orders in the future, so it’s better to start streamlining at the very beginning. Take note of whether you’ll need refrigeration or if a little climate control will do the job.

Craft beer only requires a cool room, but juices and other blended drinks will require refrigeration. You can opt for a cold storage room, a bunch of coolers, or just a cool dry basement. Spoilage can ruin your product (and your brand’s reputation) so make sure you have systems in place in case of power shortages or extremes in weather and temperature.

filling machine

Filling and Capping Machines

Bottling your product manually is inefficient and even illegal in most states. Start bottling with a small food-grade filling machine. Filling machines can speed-up your production line, allowing you to send out more of your goods for distribution. They automatically regulate the amount of liquids, ensuring your products meet labeling requirements. Filling machines also ensure that strict hygienic standards are met. Human contact can contaminate your product with dirt or germs.

Using machines to handle one of the more sensitive parts of production minimizes the risk of contamination and assures the integrity of your product. Your bottles also need to be sealed, and manually capping a bottle is close to impossible. Whether you’re using plastic seals or bottle-caps, you’ll need a capping machine to secure your bottles. You can opt for a filling machine with an integrated capping system, but it can be a little expensive if you’re starting.

Custom Bottles

Sure, you can slap a label on any generic bottle and make it your own. However, opting to have custom-made bottles is a better choice. Branding is essential for small businesses. Everyone knows the festive shape of a Coca-cola or the more refined contours of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. The make of your bottles reflects on your product. It can either have your target market remember your brand or disregard it entirely.

The shape, size, and color of a bottle should be distinctive enough to stand out from competitors while maintaining the proper feel that you want to express. Your labels should also be held to the same standards. Aside from being clear and easily read, they should keep the buyer’s attention while still having all the required markings.

Expand your business by bottling-up. With the right location, the proper equipment, and the right packaging, you can increase your brand’s chances of hitting it big.

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