Entrepreneurs Can Protect Employees During a Pandemic

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Entrepreneurs find keeping up with the pandemic to be a very challenging task. There is always the risk of exposing your employees to the virus. But if you chose to operate amidst the crisis, then you have lots of decision-making to make. This is to protect your customers but your workforce as well.

You may have already imposed certain protocols like social distancing, strict use of face masks, and limited on-site dining. You may also be implementing strict cleaning and disinfecting strategies to keep the workplace a healthy environment. But what else can you do to show your staff leadership during these trying times?

Flexible Work Arrangements

working from homeDuring the pandemic, employees who are also parents and those who are more susceptible to the virus are usually the ones who fear for their health the most. To give these workers some peace of mind, some companies have started allowing their employees to enjoy flexible work schedules. Microsoft already tested such a tactic last November in 2019. They claim up to a 40% increase in productivity levels compared to the previous year.

Aside from the higher productivity rate, flexible work arrangements have other benefits. For one, you can reduce your operating costs. Giving employees more freedom to choose what schedule works best for them leads to higher employee morale. This, in turn, helps you maintain a better turnover rate. Of course, there is a need to ensure you put policies and programs in place to keep your employees updated and guided.

Other Travel and Transit Options

Not everyone has their own private vehicles they can use to go to work. It would be best to advise employees to use other forms of transportation to minimize possible contact with other people. They can choose to only ride a car with a household member, ride a bike or walk instead if possible. If you have a company shuttle, consider planning a route and schedule where you can pick up and take home a limited number of workers at a time.

Give your employees peace of mind by letting them know that you have them covered in case of accidents. This is whenever they are doing business using company-owned or private vehicles. This way, you ease their worries that you are here to support them along with the appropriate legal support such as a lawyer who knows how to handle personal injury cases.

Regular Health Checks and Time-off Policies

Aside from reminding employees to take better care of themselves, it is a must that all employees undergo regular health checks. This is to ensure that no sick employee, especially one with COVID-19 symptoms, is reporting for duty. If an employee is exposed to anyone with the virus, they are to report this to your designated point of contact. They will then be advised to follow safety practices advised by the CDC. For those returning to work after recovering or isolating, your company should also have return-to-work policies.

Employers should be more considerate during these challenging times. Everyone fears for their health, and that includes your employees. It is your job to keep them safe. Show them your leadership skills by stepping up and doing what needs to be done to better protect them during the pandemic.

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