How to Impress a Potential Client: Your Office Plays a Major Role

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First impressions matter, whether you are looking for a romantic relationship or hoping to bring in a new client to the company.

It is not easy to create a positive first impression. The first thing that people see is, of course, the appearance. Anyone would tell you that being presentable, which means looking tidy and having good personal hygiene, can improve the way that people see and treat you.

The same can be said about how you present your business. Most of the time, when a business wants to win a new client, they meet at a fancy restaurant. It gives the impression that the business is willing to go all out to the court and then to serve the needs of the client.

But, more than the expensive wine or rare beef served during dinner, the sight of the office should inspire awe. People should be able to walk into the property and feel like they are in a welcoming and true professional setting.

Transforming the office so that it makes a good first impression will be costly. The task will require more than keeping the floor clutter-free. However, it will be an investment that will have a huge impact on the capacity of the business to reel in more clients and, therefore, profit.

Start from the Outside

A home’s “curb appeal” can have an influence on whether a buyer goes forward with the sale or back out. It can also increase the resale value of a property by an average of 7 percent more than similar and neighboring houses, according to Realtor Magazine.

While you are not selling office space, it does show the impact of exteriors in making a good first impression and, potentially, landing a deal with a new client.

Sprucing up the space in front of the building will immediately give the space a facelift. Speak to commercial lawn care companies to come up with a design that will increase the building’s curb appeal. Adding more plants within the property will immediately improve the building’s appearance because it injects a dose of calming colors and creates an oasis in the middle of the city.

Although the overall structural design cannot be changed, the landscaping outdoors can be modified easily.

The Area that Welcomes

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The office’s reception area is the second thing that a potential client sees. Aside from a warm and welcoming receptionist, the reception area should also exude professionalism but still remain comfortable and friendly.

Utilizing natural lighting, if available, will improve any space, but most especially the reception area. If the sun is obscured by walls, then adding warm lighting is your next best bet. Layering light fixtures will illuminate the space nicely as if the sun is shining brightly on a nice spring day. The use of spotlights will make the space look more sophisticated. It can also highlight the company logo.

Some experts also suggest using a suitable desk height. If it is too high, it can be very intimidating.

The reception area is also the perfect place to display awards and certifications. While waiting, people tend to look around. When their eyes wander, your potential clients will see these accolades and have the impression that the business is respected within the industry.

The Interior Design of Offices

The actual workspaces also matter. Those bland cream walls and gray carpeting are not doing the business any favors. It shows a lack of creativity and will not inspire creativity among employees, either. A stuffy office, where the desks are stacked with papers and people sit side by side, will not impress but depress a potential client.

Make it as visually pleasing as much as possible. A new paint on the wall, classic wood flooring, and sophisticated — but durable — office furniture would be nice.

Moreover, bringing in living indoor plants improves the workplace. Not only do they act as decor; plants also filter harmful substances out of the air, allowing employees and guests to breathe comfortably.

Businesses that want to impress a potential client should also offer high-quality refreshments. No stale coffee and tea. Give your guests freshly-brewed drinks as soon as they arrive.

In addition, and perhaps the most important tip, is hygiene. Workers should be warned beforehand when a client is dropping in so that they can tidy up their desks and remove clutter on the floor.

First impressions matter, especially in business, because it sets an expectation. After a client has been blown away by the office, the next thing to do is to impress them with performance.

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