Most Important Do’s and Don’ts While Out on Bail


After you get released on bail with the help of a trusted bail bondsman, it’s important that you know what to do and what not to do while waiting for your trial or interrogation. But if it’s your first time on the wrong side of the law, these do’s and don’ts may be entirely unfamiliar to you:

What to do while out on bail:

Go to work

Don’t let the situation get in the way of your job. Aside from keeping your income steady, continuing to go to work shows the court that you are a productive citizen, which will help your case significantly. Moreover, going to work can help distract you from the stress of the current circumstances.

Comply with bond conditions

It is crucial that you comply with all the conditions set by the court and your bail bond agency. Such conditions include showing up on your court dates and avoiding doing anything that can get you arrested again. If you fail to comply with your bond conditions, you may get re-arrested, your bail may get increased, or you may be required to pay the full bail, or all of the above.

Talk to your bail bond agency

Maintain adequate communication with your bail bond agency. If you have any questions, ask them directly and make sure there aren’t any loose ends. In addition, inform your lawyer and bond agency of any changes (change of address, contact numbers, etc.) or plans to travel while you’re out on bond.


Spend time with your family

Before the court proceedings eat up your time and energy, take the opportunity to enjoy quality time with your family and other positive influences in your life.

What NOT to do while out on bail:

Do anything illegal

Of course, the worst thing you can do while out on bail is to get re-arrested. If you get caught doing something illegal, you may face a heavier sentence and a higher bail. That said, don’t put yourself in any situation where the risk of getting arrested is present, even if the chances are low.

Hang out with the bad crowd

If there are bad influences in your life, avoid them like the plague. Hanging out with people who can and will get you into trouble can lead you to more legal and financial problems. For example, if you get caught riding in a car with someone who is carrying drugs, you may get into trouble as well, even if the illegal substance isn’t yours.

Skip your court dates

If you fail to show up to court, the judge can release a warrant for your arrest. And if you get arrested again, your bail may be higher this time. Avoid this problem by simply showing up to your court dates. By doing so, you’re also putting yourself in a good light, which will help you get a more positive outcome

Now that you are released on bail, it is crucial that you know how to act accordingly given the current circumstances. The better you follow these do’s and don’ts, the better your chances of getting out of this situation as fast and as problem-free as possible.

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