Underrated Marketing Tools that Serve as X-Factors for Companies

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You can point to a lot of things that are going right to identify the path that leads to the success of a business. The brainstorming sessions, manufacturing operations, and sales strategies are crucial aspects of how a company manages to gain profit, but the marketing component creates the most significant impact. Businesses are investing a lot of resources in the division, especially after the rise of digital technology.

With all the traditional and online marketing tools available, a company has a lot of options that could lead to guaranteed success. However, some methods can start to look repetitive because other brands are also taking advantage of them. If you want to create a unique approach to improve your marketing strategies, you can make use of these underrated tools.

Social Media

The primary job of all marketing divisions and firms is to improve customer engagement for the company. You want to make sure that your brand, products, and services are all appealing to your target audience, which is why marketing teams dedicate time and effort to research what the consumers are demanding. You can use many tools to engage with customers, but no other medium can produce efficient results more than social media. With almost half the world’s population on online platforms, you can connect with a lot of people in your target audience.

The first step is to create business pages on social media pages. You can interact with potential customers and answer their queries. The online platforms can also help you promote your business products and services, catching the attention of those unfamiliar with your brand. You can post content that can help improve your company’s reputation. If you have a little extra money in your budget, you can pay for sponsored ads. A lot of businesses, including startups, are aware of the potential of social media as a marketing tool. However, your company’s unique approach can help make you stand out.


Because of the rise of digital technology, you can find many traditional marketing tools that fell out of favor. Print mediums are starting to get pushed out because of online platforms, while a lot of startups feel disinclined to spend a lot of resources on radio and direct mail. However, you can find that they can still make an impact. The same goes for art-based marketing tools.

Creative designs remain eye-catching attractions for existing and potential customers. You can trace the success of your company to brand logos, website interface, product designs, and other aesthetically pleasing aspects in your business. You have to invest in materials that can provide you with the underrated marketing tools. Tarpaulin printers and customized stationery are necessary for every business. You can also benefit from investing in unique art equipment like laser cutting machines for wood. The potential of using art as a marketing tool can help you attract customers, but you might need the help of artists and professional graphic designers.

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A lot of businesses create events to launch new products. The marketing tool can be costly, especially when you are using a lot of resources and sponsors. However, the potential of attracting customers to your products makes up for its usage. It would be wasteful not to replicate the strategy’s success, which is why you should invest in creating more events. Your business does not have to be the primary attraction to get customers interested in your products or services. Here are a few events that you can participate in to help your company grow:

  • Sponsors in concerts
  • Marathons
  • Community events
  • Social Gatherings
  • Product launch bazaars
  • Charity events
  • Non-profit organization events
  • Conventions

The events can put your company in the spotlight, giving you more chances of winning over customers and raising awareness for your brand. The marketing tool works best when you are supporting fundraising events.

Press Releases

Before the rise of SEO, businesses rely on press releases to inform their target audience about updates and changes. The tool serves as a pitch, especially when you have exciting news to share with your customers. While it lost its place with the ascension of digital marketing strategies, it can still make an impact online. You can use these platforms to provide a space for your press releases:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Marketing
  • Brand Marketing

The last marketing strategy is where press releases can make the most impact. Businesses are aware that their statements regarding social issues can affect their reputation among customers. Since you have the freedom to form a press release, you can find the right words to represent your company.

Marketing strategies are crucial components to the growth and success of a business. However, these underrated tools can make a huge difference that no one will expect.

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